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SBP, GBP Founder

Motor Preferences Expert

Sports Conditioning Specialist

Movement Specialist

Functional Training Specialist

Sports addiction: Golf, Soccer, Functional Strength Training, Running...

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Coach  Aure


Many Athletes are fighting their bodies by applying universal training methods that are not tailored to their body preferences. The next generation of coaches should train Athletes based on their natural patterns. Indeed, the goal is to unleash your full potential using your natural movement pattern. This is my Goal for you: promote your innate strength to make your athlete's life easier and reach your full potential! I aim to create a specific training program based on you, including movement strategy, mobility, and strength coaching. First, a specific assessment will reveal your body map. You will understand your specific biomechanics to understand "the how." I can’t wait to share it with you. For individual training or sports team consulting, contact me today. Time to be back in the heart of your system. Train in your strength. Play in your strength.

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